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Shade plants

Sherry Asked

I live in a cul-de-sac and my backyard slopes down to the house behind me. This gives us a clear view of their patio and whatever they are doing outside. I’d like to plant something that would block the view, stay green all year but there are two trees that give quite a bit of shade most of the day. Any ideas?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Sherry:  Before choosing specific plant material it is important to take into account the available sunlight, soil condition, and any space limitations. Taking the slope into consideration, how tall do these plantings need to grow to give you privacy? The majority of  larger evergreen prefer to grow in full sun but a few will tolerate more shade. Shade loving, evergreen options include: Aucuba japonica, Mahonia, English Laurel (‘Otto Luyken’ and Shipkaensis’), Pieris japonica, Taxus, Hemlock and certain Azaleas. Arborvitae and boxwood can also tolerate filtered light. The mature height and width of each plant differs so it is important to measure your space and plant accordingly. The existing tree roots will also need to be considered. Each plant has its own growth habit and preferred soil condition. It is always a good idea to have your soil tested before adding new additions to the garden. This can be done at the Nelson County Cooperative Extension Office. For a small fee they will send it off and the results will indicate if any amendments are needed. For specific instructions contact the Nelson County extension agent(s) at (502) 348-9204.  I hope this is helpful.


Angie Oakley

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