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Can You Tell Me Where I Can Buy Reasonably Priced,…

Judy Asked

Can you tell me where I can buy reasonably priced, bulk organic compost for my veggie garden? I live in northern Kentucky, 5 minutes from Cincinnati.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Judy in Kentucky: The addition of organic compost is a great way to amend the soil in your vegetable garden. It certainly is more economical to purchase in bulk as opposed to bags but still it is not a cheap product. You may want to contact the horticulture agents in Boone County at (859) 586-6101 for local recommendations. Ammon’s Nursery, Baeten’s Nursery, Evans Landscaping, Marvin’s Organic Gardens, and Ohio Mulch were all possible sources recommended by the arboretum. I know that in the Louisville area the master gardeners sometimes sell compost as well as the zoo so these may be other options for you. The Cincinnati Zoo is known for their horticulture program and they may make and sell their own compost. In the future keep in mind that the cheapest source for organic compost is to make it yourself. This is sometimes not feasible but it sure beats loading the truck up with compost and hauling it into the garden. Making your own compost means you can add it gradually as it is ready and it is a continual source of nutrients for your plants.

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