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Inter-County Energy to “Reducing Your Bill”
Or call Inter-County’s energy advisors
 April Burgess, Ricky Lane, or Dan Hitchcock at (888) 266-7322

Touchstone Energy Home
Rebate for newly constructed home meeting Touchstone Energy standards; must have a geothermal HVAC system or an air-to-air heat pump installed. Home must meet 2009 IECC code requirements.

Heat Pump Retrofit
Rebate for replacement of resistance heat source with qualifying geothermal (meeting ARI-325 standards) or air source heat pump. Three levels of incentives available based on the SEER and HSPF of the new heating/cooling system.

Button-Up Weatherization
Incentives available for the weatherization and improved insulation in homes older than two years, with electric heat. Heat loss/heat gain analysis performed prior to improvements being made.

HVAC Duct Sealing
Available to single- and multi-family residences heated with a heat pump, electric furnace, or geothermal system that has been installed for at least two years; performed by Inter-County Energy contractor.

ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebates
Inter-County Energy Cooperative ENERGY STAR Appliance Program offers an incentive for reducing the energy consumed by household appliances. The member may qualify for this rebate by purchasing an ENERGY STAR qualifying appliance. For more information, visit ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebates. We also have an Appliance Recycling Program where we will haul your old appliances off. The appliances must be working at the time they are picked up. Call 1-844-HAUL4ME.

ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Program
If you’re thinking of purchasing a new manufactured home, be sure to request the ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Program to your salesperson. You may be eligible for an ENERGY STAR-certified upgrade at no additional cost. In most cases, manufactured homes installed in our co-op service territory may be upgraded to ENERGY STAR standards through this energy-efficiency program. Right now, that’s an average savings of about $1,100 each year or about $90 a month on your electric bill.

Using BillingInsights will make it easier to understand your monthly energy usage. Plus, when you complete your home profile, we’ll send a FREE Philips Slimstyle LED bulb to you! This new tool allows you to view energy use and costs by using your billing history, actual weather data, and some information about your home. It also shows you how you can lower your energy costs and become more energy efficient. Click on BillingInsights to begin. It’s totally free, available 24/7, and only takes about 10 minutes to complete. You will need your Inter-County Energy account number from your bill to complete the audit.

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