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West Kentucky RECC to “Member Services”
(270) 247-1321 or
(877) 495-7322
Residential energy advisor Johnny Parham

eScore is a home energy improvement program that provides homeowners with simple ways to make existing homes as energy efficient as possible. Through instant rebates on eligible improvements performed by members of the Quality Contractor Network (QCN), eScore allows homeowners to work toward a perfect score of 10 at their own pace, re-engaging with the program as many times as needed to achieve their home’s best possible energy performance.

To participate, the homeowner should call (855) 2eScore (855-237-2673) or go online to

The introductory fee is $75. Once the eScore is uploaded, the member can choose the QCN member to perform the work. After the energy updates are performed, the QCN member submits the rebate application and TVA will process the application and send the homeowners the rebates.

TVA EnergyRight Solutions Programs Include:
New Home Rebate

WKRECC members who are in the process of constructing a new single-family or multi-family home are eligible to receive a rebate of up to $300 if their new home meets the minimum standards of West Kentucky RECC’s Index of Energy Efficiency Measures. For more information, please call residential energy advisor Johnny Parham at (877) 495-7322 or (270) 251-6930.

Heat Pump Financing
West Kentucky RECC offers both a rebate and financing option for members wishing to purchase new heat pumps for their homes. Work must be performed by a certified TVA Quality Contractor Network (QCN) installer. Contact WKRECC before you purchase a new heat pump to make sure your model meets the rebate standards. For more information, please call residential energy advisor Johnny Parham at (877) 495-7322 or (270) 251-6930.

Water Heater Rebate
West Kentucky RECC offers a $50 rebate for members who replace an existing home water heater with a new electric water heater. To qualify for the rebate you must bring in a receipt for purchase of a new electric water heater that includes the size of the water heater (gallons). If you are interested in the water heater rebate, please contact Barbara Clymer at (877) 4WKRECC (1-877-495-7322) or (270) 251-6972.

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