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From radio to the TV screen 

Buds highlight their home state 


Two best friends. Two opposite perspectives. Two big leaps of faith. Two consumer-members of Blue Grass Energy. 

Leigh Jordan and Tamara Schneider both had children, solid jobs and marriages that were ending. Both desperately wanted a different perspective from which to enjoy life. Neither knew quite what that would be.

Leigh was a certified public accountant at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky and taught herself graphic design at night. She succeeded quickly in her new creative venture just as she had in her numbers job.

Tamara was a court reporter and later became co-owner of a Pilates studio. 

To branch out to something new, the best buds began a blog in 2017 called Kentucky Taste Buds. It was a way to discover more of their home state by “tasting” all the Bluegrass State has to offer from its food, Southern-inspired fashion, craft brews and world-class bourbon, as well as the many events offered year-round. 

That was quickly followed by the launch of their podcast, Brunch with the Buds. In 2018, LM Communications, Lexington’s only locally owned radio group, invited them to have their own show Saturdays on KISS-FM, 96.9. 

Tamara and Leigh then were asked to take their Saturday show to weekday mornings and helped listeners start their day for almost two years, most of that time during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We want to help Kentucky recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic by encouraging our fellow Kentuckians to shop and play local,” Leigh said at the time. “There are so many amazing places to discover right here in our state and we will be a go-to resource for people …”.

Their radio days came to an end when Fox 56 (WDKY TV in Lexington) approached them at the end of 2022 and asked them to host a new lifestyle show, Live From Chevy Chase. The pair faced this new adventure the way they have everything else over the past five years—with smiles and determination. “We always said we would ride the Kentucky Taste Buds train as long as we can,” says Leigh. The show began on March 27 and airs weekdays from 9–9:30 a.m.

“We can promise a good time as Leigh and I banter and tease one another,” says Tamara. “As we like to tell people, I’m the class and she’s the sass.”

You can follow the buds at their website, or on Facebook and Twitter: Kytastebuds. Or check out their new show at

DEBRA GIBSON ISAACS writes about how co-op members and staff contribute to their communities.

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