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Dorm sweet dorm

Plug into products designed to enhance your students’ enjoyment of campus life.


If you’ve ever looked back at notes and wondered what language you wrote them in, the Neo smartpen N2 may be your new best friend. Used with a special paper, the smartpen uses its invisible-to-the-eye technology to transfer your handwriting to the device you choose via Bluetooth. $169,


Having a refrigerator stuffed with snacks may be what freshmen miss most about home (next to Mom and Dad, of course). The space-saving Igloo Mini Refrigerator comes in a rainbow of colors and keeps everything cold—a must for late-night studybreaks. $95 and up, (


What to do on days when your mind wanders, you’re too sleepy to pay attention or the professor is talking too fast to keep up? Let the Sony Digital Voice Recorder step up and record the lecture. No worries if chatterboxes are nearby—this recorder filters background noise. $40, (


Your phone is worthless when it’s out of juice. Carry the BirkSun Festival backpack to keep your phone fully functional. With plenty of room for books and papers, the pack also features a solar panel to deliver the power you need. And when there’s no sun, you can recharge it via wall plug. $100, (424) 237-8850,


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