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Make your yard glow

Yard of the month

When spring has sprung and it’s time to spiff up the yard, make the work more fun with innovative, problem-solving products that enhance your outdoor time.

Glowing Lights

Make a splash with your garden pond’s fountain or just create a colorful glow with 25-watt underwater lights from IMAGE. The swivel lights angle where you choose and alternate colors—red, green, blue, yellow, and white. They’re submersible, but the low-voltage transformer means they can be used on dry land, too. $15, (888) 280-4331,



Outdoor Buddy

For maximum curb appeal, scrub sidewalks and patios clean with the help of a Blue Clean AR383 electric power washer. At 1,900 PSI, it pumps out power at 30 times the force of a typical garden hose. A separate detergent bottle attaches directly to the spray gun. $179, (866) 235-5112,

What’s bugging you?

Want to be more active with your pest control? Try the Zap-It! Bug Zapper Racket. You take aim at flying insects, and the 2,000-volt grid takes them down. Use after dark with a built-in LED light, and recharge this high-tech swatter by plugging into any USB-enabled device. $20, (888) 280-4331,


Lawn Patrol

The Landroid M Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower has a battery and a brain. Artificial-intelligence technology allows it to be aterns, return on its own to its charging station if the energy runs low, and even stop mowing when it senses rain. $1,000, (855) 279-0505,



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