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Beat the summer heat with a dip in the pool and some cool tools to keep you happily afloat.



Bring your tunes right into the water with a JBL Charge 3 waterproof speaker. Connect via Bluetooth to your music or your mobile phone while you float on—the Charge 3 has a 20-hour battery life. $150, (877) 871-6755,


Trying to keep unwanted critters—human and otherwise—out of your pool? This faux reptile may do the trick. The Pool Guarding Gator’s three-hinged parts give it lifelike movement. Glowing LED eyes add a menacing appearance. $40, (800) 321-1484,



If you must have your mobile in or out of the pool, consider the Lifeproof Nuud + Alpha Glass Bundle. Waterproof cell casing protects front and back, and custom glass shields the screen. Drop your phone in the pool? No problem. In fact, this case protects your precious phone from drops, dirt, and snow, too. $119, (888) 533-0735,



Uninvited guests can be a problem for pool owners. Here’s one solution: Clear leaves, bugs, and debris in your pool with the Jet Net Boat Pool Skimmer with Remote Control. Push a few buttons, then relax while the skimmer does the work. But you’re on your own with pests of the human variety. $112, (800) 925-6278;


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