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Game on—gifts for Dad


Forget the tie and aftershave. Today’s dad deserves tools that make life easier and more fun.


Most golfers mentally replay their last round, seeking ways to improve. Game Golf Live, a Bluetooth-enabled device that clips to a belt, tracks and records the game in real time, allowing for in-depth analysis. The device saves every game so you can watch progress over time. $150, (888) 245-3433,


Anxious anglers will never miss a nibble with the Poletap 7-foot Spinning SmartRod and Built-In Bite Alert. When a fish bites, an alarm sounds or a light flashes; for quiet night fishing, use the light-only setting. The SmartRod works with any reel. The bad news: you still have to clean the fish. $39, (800) 966-6546,


If Dad is the family grill master, he’ll love the iGrill Mini digital Bluetooth thermometer. No more cutting into steaks or chops to test doneness; the iGrill watches the grill while Dad relaxes in the hammock. The companion app is like having a personal, on-call grilling expert. $50, (800) 446-1071,


With so much Dad stuff to do, life can get a bit harried. It’s easy to misplace a wallet or laptop. Just slide the credit-card sized Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker into a wallet or attach to an object (adhesives sold separately) and use your phone to find it. Can’t find the phone? Tile Slim works in reverse, too. $24, (888) 280-4331,


The Garmin Vivoactive HR smart watch is a multi-tasking wrist machine. It’s a GPS, heart monitor, fitness coach, and activity tracker for running, walking, and swimming. It even serves as a personal cheerleader when you hit your goals. And, oh yeah—it tells time, too. $240, (913) 397-8200,


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