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Sanders-Brown looks for dementia answers 

THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY’S SANDERS-BROWN CENTER ON AGING helps provide answers to the mysteries of dementia. 

If you or a loved one have memory concerns, UK’s Sanders-Brown can provide support. With multiple ongoing trials, there are options for everyone, depending on what is seen during initial assessments. 

Sanders-Brown has been around for nearly half a century. In that time, the team has built an international reputation for research into a disease that kills more people every year than breast and prostate cancer combined. 

LATE (limbic-predominant age-associated TDP-43 encephalopathy) is a newly discovered type of dementia, and UK is the only place in the world where providers can do something about it, thanks to a new trial. 

LATE was discovered by a group of international researchers, co-chaired by UK’s Dr. Pete Nelson. Symptoms of LATE mimic Alzheimer’s disease by causing memory loss and problems with thinking and reasoning in old age. But researchers found the LATE-affected brain looks different from the Alzheimer’s brain. 

The earlier the experts at Sanders-Brown can get involved to try to slow the process, the more of the brain they can save. Research volunteers have gifted us the opportunity to make groundbreaking discoveries, and we will continue to do so with their help. We have a variety of studies for individuals with and without memory loss. For more information, call us at (859) 323-5550.


  1. Quit smoking 
  2. Maintain a healthy blood pressure level 
  3. Be physically active 
  4. Maintain a healthy weight 
  5. Get enough sleep 
  6. Stay engaged 
  7. Manage blood sugar 


  • Not being able to complete tasks without help. 
  • Trouble naming items or close family members. 
  • Forgetting the function of items. 
  • Repeating questions. 
  • Taking much longer to complete normal tasks. 
  • Misplacing items often. 
  • Being unable to retrace steps and getting lost. 

GREG JICHA, M.D., Ph.D., is a neurologist and director of clinical trials at UK’s Sanders- Brown Center on Aging. 

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