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Writing About A Town You Might Know

Kathleen Brooks began her writing career earlier than most. As a second-grader, she wrote a mystery series that her class turned into a play. Instead of continuing on this path, though, she chose to pursue a degree in law, writing only in her precious little spare time as a creative outlet. She describes having an “Aha!” moment a few years after passing the bar exam when she began writing again and has cranked out numerous books since.

Brooks’ Bluegrass Brothers seven-book series has appeared on both The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. The stories follow the Davies family, Jake and Marcy, who have a long and happy marriage, and their five sons and one daughter. Brooks chose to set the stories in the fictional small town of Keeneston, Kentucky, reminding many of her readers of actual Kentucky small towns such as Midway, Paris, or Crab Orchard.

Brooks grew up in Nicholasville, went to college in Danville, and has visited numerous other small communities surrounding Lexington so the comparison is no accident.

“I love walking down the street and having people wave even though they don’t know you. Or people just pulling over to chat with someone on the sidewalk. I took the best parts from these towns and incorporated them into Keeneston,” Brooks says. “My hope is that whether you’ve visited a small town, live in one, or have never been to one that Keeneston will give you a taste of home.”

Each of the books in the series focuses on one of the Davies children as he or she encounters dangerous situations, mystery, and romance. The latest and final book in the series, Final Vow (, $9.99), follows subordinate characters Ahmed, a bodyguard, and Bridget, a private security agent, both of whom have protected the Davies family from numerous threats throughout the series. Now they must work together to free Ahmed from his oldest enemy who robbed him of happiness years ago. Romance between the two sparks along the way giving Ahmed a second chance at love.

Brooks lives in central Kentucky with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and a cat. She is an animal lover who supports rescue organizations and other nonprofit organizations. Visit her Web site at

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