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Taxes done? If not, you can still make history

When you prepare your state tax return, don’t forget to check the box on Line 33 to donate to Kentucky’s Local History Trust Fund.

Last year the program, overseen by the Kentucky Historical Society, raised $10,000 and funded 17 grants in 16 Kentucky counties.

Kentucky museums, local history organizations, libraries, educational institutions, and applicable governmental agencies are eligible to apply for a Local History Trust Fund grant, which assists museums and history-related organizations with their long-term growth, development, and sustainability.

“The Local History Trust Fund is an invaluable resource for the commonwealth’s local history and museum community. The Kentucky Derby Museum received state funds in 2015 to make its oral history collections more accessible to the public. Additional grant funds for collections care, as well as other crucial projects, are essential in helping all organizations preserve and promote Kentucky’s heritage,” says Chris Goodlett, curator for the Kentucky Derby Museum.

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