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The power of communication

Bringing relevant information to you for more than 70 years

Kentucky Living magazine exists because the electric cooperatives of Kentucky are committed to both communicating with their local consumer-members and furthering the co-op mission of improving the quality of life in the communities they serve.

Published each month by Kentucky Electric Cooperatives (the statewide association that supports all Kentucky electric co-ops), Kentucky Living needs to know how effectively we are fulfilling that commitment to community.

That’s why an independent survey company is contacting randomly selected Kentuckians to find out how Kentucky Living fits into the information needs of local co-op consumer-members. Even if you are not contacted in this scientific study, we still want to hear from you. In fact, we welcome questions and comments anytime.

Your feedback makes a tremendous difference as we plan future issues. Do you have an idea for an article or a subject you think needs more attention? Are any articles, columns or photos we previously published particularly memorable to you? Are we providing you the energy information and news about your local co-op and community that you want to see?

While you’re at it, if you enjoy receiving Kentucky Living and the information it provides, please let the leadership of your local electric cooperative know. The co-op board and manager are committed to communicating with you and they want to make sure you are receiving reliable information. 

We work with your local co-op to boost local economic growth and celebrate the energy of your community. Kentucky Living shares tips on managing your energy use and information so you can make knowledgeable decisions about, for example, purchasing appliances or planning remodeling projects.

We are often asked what it’s like to publish a magazine in an era when so much information is transmitted electronically. Simply put, though Kentucky Living magazine is at the heart of co-op communications efforts, co-ops use all the tools in the toolbox. For instance, all Kentucky Living content is available on We are active on Facebook and Twitter, and our YouTube channel is growing. 

We are also asked about the effectiveness of a print publication compared with social media and the internet. Interestingly, independent studies show that the print magazine is by far the most effective and consistent way for Kentucky co-ops to communicate with their local consumer-members, even among young adults. According to the Pew Research Center, in February 2018, more people ages 18-29 reported reading magazines than reading Facebook.

Another recent national survey shows 92% of Kentucky Living readers were noted as “regular readers” (those reading three or four of the last four issues), which was the highest metric in the U.S. among similar publications. 

From the first issue of Kentucky Electric Co-op News in the late 1940s, co-op leaders recognized that the content in the magazine needed to be attractive, interesting and relevant to the people who receive it. While every local co-op that subscribes to Kentucky Living on your behalf uses it as a vehicle to deliver important co-op information, each issue also includes articles and features that readers tell us they enjoy and expect, such as coverage of people and issues that affect Kentucky families, favorite recipes, travel and tourism, our events calendar and practical gardening tips.

Thanks to the vision and commitment of co-op leaders, Kentucky Living has the largest circulation of any publication in the state, with a readership of about 1 million people and circulation of more than 475,000 homes and businesses.

Kentucky Electric Cooperatives is proud to serve these readers through statewide representation to advocate for the best combination of cost and service to local electric consumers.

And here at Kentucky Living, we remain dedicated to communicating with our loyal readers and local consumer-members of Kentucky’s electric cooperatives.

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