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Kathy Witt

Contributing Writer

Kathy loves to research and write about quirky or hidden gems and destinations, give “must-sees” a fresh and unexpected spin, and pull disparate experiences together to weave compelling narratives. An award-winning lifestyle and travel writer who’s terrified of flying, she nonetheless clocks thousands of air miles every year because there are so many destinations to see and stories to tell.

Kathy has a degree in English Literature and completed coursework at graduate school, but never finished because she got a contract to write 18 children’s books for Malaysia’s ESL program. (She did finish those.)

She writes for numerous outlets, including magazines, newspapers and newswires, and has written several books, including The Secret of the Belles and Atlanta: A Photographic Portrait, and was a featured writer for The Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky. She has several completed manuscripts and works-in-progress she hopes will at some point see the light of day.

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