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Energy At Home

April 22 has been recognized as Earth Day for more than 40 years, as awareness of the environment has grown over the decades.

But your local electric co-op makes a special point of helping you celebrate Earth Day all year. Each of Kentucky’s 24 local electric distribution co-ops offers a variety of ways to use energy more efficiently, and save money as a result.

In the October issue, the Kentucky Living 2012 Energy Guide included a co-op-by-co-op list of energy incentives designed to make it easier for you to save money while saving energy.

A feature of electric co-ops is that programs can be tailored especially to the local communities served by the nearby cooperative. So the incentives available vary across the state.

Those incentives change from time to time as well. So Kentucky Living is providing online an updated version of October’s list.

For the list of 2013 co-op energy incentives, go here.

That chart offers a quick rundown of several of the most popular energy-efficiency incentive programs offered by Kentucky’s electric co-ops.

Although the list is current at the time this magazine was printed, specific guidelines for these incentives are amended frequently. Before making any energy improvements, be sure to contact your local co-op’s energy advisor for complete up-to-date program details and specific eligibility requirements.

In addition to these incentives, many cooperatives also offer low- or no-cost home energy checkups to members. These checkups are a great way to learn where your home’s energy leaks are lurking, as well as gain useful tips for making your home more energy efficient.

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