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Fit and fresh

Photo: John Rott

Pre-portioned meals with local ingredients make a difference in Murray

It might seem strange that a catering director for a state university would need someone else to plan, shop for, prep and portion tasty meals for her.

Photo: Shanna Smith

But that was Shanna Smith’s, shown, reality when she started purchasing meals from FitMeals Murray in 2017. “I was working 70 to 80 hours a week,” she says. The best she could do were fast-food drive-throughs or grabbing something quick. 

Based on unprocessed foods that are dairy-, soy-, grain- and sugar-free, FitMeals pre-portioned meals helped Shanna shed 70 pounds. She was interested in making a career change and mentioned that early and often to FitMeals founding owner, Anne-Marie Tanner. Last year, Shanna bought the business. 

Perfect Pork Recipe

Shanna purchases Kentucky-grown food, including grass-fed bison and beef, to use in her meals, which  are delivered to locations where healthy eaters can be found, including CrossFit gyms in the area. In addition, she opens her storefront, Maple Street Market, two days a week for clients who want to pick up their meals, and for consumers who haven’t pre-ordered and want to find something tasty for dinner.  

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Shanna says these turkey burgers are one of her favorite meals—great for summer because everything can be cooked on the grill.

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