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Food solutions

Personal chef builds menus and meals for clients 

Some of the people who hire Kelley Hammers to cook for them just don’t want to plan menus. Others are parents of young children who want Hammers to help solve the dilemma of getting their kids to eat healthy food. 

Whatever the reason, Hammers, shown, has been cooking for families, couples and a few single people since 1994, when she left her work as a caterer in Bowling Green and became a personal chef. 


Daily meals can range from chicken noodle soup to a Burmese lahpet salad, and from fried catfish to Spanish paella. Sometimes, she grocery shops for her clients, and sometimes she opens the refrigerator to discover what they bought at the farmers market and makes up menus on the spot. 

As for children, Hammers says they tend to like food that parents don’t think they will. “I’ve even snuck in Thai curries,” she says. Fried rice is another dish kids tend to like.

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