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Gathering back around the heart of the home

Bringing joy, food and people to the table

MY HEART FOR HOSPITALITY has really come to life now that I’m older. 

For 10-year-old me, hospitality meant setting a perfect table, getting out the dishes to throw a dinner party and helping my mom make a meal for 100. 

I didn’t value it as much then. I saw it as making things perfect and part of a normal life. Now it’s what my soul longs for. Friends around the table. The joy people feel when their favorite meal is served. Deep belly laughter until late into the night catching up with old friends. 

This recipe takes me back to when mom used to make hot bacon and mustard salad. It’s simple enough as a lunch for two or to serve several for dinner. 

HEATHER BILYEU, raised in southern Kentucky, is the owner and voice behind the food blog, Fueling a Southern Soul. 

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