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Make beef the center of your May celebrations

FRANKFORT (May 15, 2017) — May is a month of celebrations. What better way to honor these special events than by celebrating National Beef Month at the same time?

Dust off your grill and share delicious steaks and hamburgers with your non-farming friends and neighbors while educating them about beef’s role in a healthy diet and its benefits to Kentucky’s economy.

Beef supplies our bodies with 10 essential nutrients, including protein, B vitamins, iron, and zinc. These nutrients are important for building muscles, keeping your brain healthy, and maintaining a strong immune system.

In addition, lean beef is a heart-healthy food that can help in lowering “bad” cholesterol when included as part of a daily diet. Studies have found that individuals with the highest intake of protein (of which beef is an excellent source) have the lowest risk for coronary heart disease. Protein consumption can reduce cholesterol levels and

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blood pressure. Some cuts of beef are as lean as a 3-ounce skinless chicken thigh.

For more information, including grilling tips and recipes, go to the Kentucky Beef Council’s website.

Beef also is an important part of Kentucky’s agricultural economy. Cattle generated more than $927 million in farm gate cash receipts in 2015, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service. That means income for Kentucky farm families, economic activity in the communities where they live, and jobs for associated businesses such as stockyards, veterinarians, retailers, restaurants, and equipment dealers.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) partners with cattlemen across the Commonwealth to help them raise and market their beef.

The KDA’s Office of the State Veterinarian works to protect our livestock herds from disease and eliminate disease outbreaks when they occur. The Division of Show and Fair Promotion awards grants to county fairs for facility improvements and helps conduct livestock shows across the state, training the next generation of producers. Our marketing office helps Kentucky farmers and food producers find new markets for their products.

As we celebrate National Beef Month, I salute our state’s producers for all you do to produce a wholesome, nutritious product that we all depend on as part of a healthy lifestyle. And I pledge that the KDA will continue to work with the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association to support the Commonwealth’s beef industry and make it stronger in the future.

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