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Get smart: New security options for your home

Smart security devices are a great way to keep your home secure. They are different than traditional devices because they are connected to the internet and can communicate with other electronics. A smarter home can save time and reduce stress, especially with a smart home assistant that can integrate all the devices, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

Most smart home security options are remotely accessible through smartphone apps, enabling you to keep an eye on your home at any time, from any place. 

Smart security cameras

Security cameras are one of the basics of technology for monitoring your home. Many of the models are weatherproof, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Wireless cameras can be placed anywhere inside or outside the home, but wired versions are less expensive. Features range from free cloud storage to built-in spotlights and motion-activated sensors. 

Camera prices vary based on features and capabilities; for example, a wireless model available on Amazon recently was going for $200, and a wired model was priced at $40. 

Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are similar to smart security cameras, but are built into the doorbell instead of a separate camera. A smart security camera records footage all the time, but a smart doorbell camera captures footage only when it detects motion or someone rings the doorbell, recording up to a few hours or storing footage just before a disturbance was detected. Most smart doorbells cost about $200, but less expensive models can be powered wirelessly by battery or by connecting to your home wiring.

Smart locks

With smart locks, you can use your smartphone to control access to your home from anywhere, add permanent or temporary users and set schedules. They also are handy if you forget your keys or need to let a friend in when you’re away. Most systems connect to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Depending on the bells and whistles, smart lock systems range from $150 to $400.

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