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Unforgettable college experiences

Attending the famous Rupp Arena in Lexington to watch the University of Kentucky basketball team in action is always a fun time.

The one that was most memorable and exciting for me was on February 15, 1990, when the LSU (Louisiana State University) Tigers came to town led by the amazing talent of Shaquille O’Neal. I was a UK student and waited in line for a long time in the cold outside Memorial Hall to get tickets. I was lucky enough to get front row seats in the student section.

It turned out to be one of the great games in Kentucky basketball history. The legendary “Unforgettables” would pressure LSU into many turnovers and hold on to the lead down the stretch with clutch free-throw shooting. Among my memories of that day are the size of Shaquille O’Neal and the sound of the crazy Kentucky fans during the game.

I have been thinking a great deal about my time at the University of Kentucky this year as my youngest daughter is away from home for her freshman year at college.

During her senior year of high school, I was constantly talking to her about the experience of being a freshman and the focus that she would need when she was finally managing her education on her own. She would usually roll her eyes at me and say, “Can we talk about this later?” She hoped I would forget, and I hoped she would eventually hear me.

She successfully completed her first semester, but not without some bruises. She now finally understands that college is different than high school and the pace of the professors is much quicker. Second, living with new people and figuring out those relationships can be difficult. Finally, she literally had some bruises when she called me late one night after suffering a concussion from an accident. This is all part of growing up.

This issue of Kentucky Living is about the college experience. It is important for us to highlight for parents and students how you can be prepared. This is an exciting time in your life. Enjoy it and embrace it. And Go Cats!

Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives’ CEO Chris Perry from January 2016 Issue

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