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Teaching kids about the dangers of electricity

CHILDREN DO NOT ALWAYS UNDERSTAND the danger of electricity and electrical equipment. It is important to make time to have conversations with your children. Start by discussing these basic rules around the house: 

  • Electricity is not a toy, so you shouldn’t play with it. 
  • Never use any electrical devices or unplug anything from the wall without permission. 
  • When you unplug an electrical cord, do not tug on the cord. Instead, pull the plug itself. 
  • Never use anything electrical by the sink, bathtub, pool or other wet area. That includes hair dryers. 
  • Make sure your hands are completely dry when handling electrical equipment. 
  • Never put electric cords under carpets, rugs or furniture legs. 

If something powered by electricity falls into the sink or bathtub, do not try to remove it. Parents should shut off all electricity before retrieving it. Even though ground fault circuit interrupters (GFICs) should trip, they may not under certain circumstances. 

Never play with electric outlets or plug anything besides electrical cords into them.

TIM COFFEY is the Construction Maintenance Superintendent at Taylor County RECC. 

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