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You are the co-op

Helping member-owners use less energy is our goal

How many businesses work every day to try to help you use less of their product?

Kentucky’s electric cooperatives are unique in many wonderful ways, and our commitment to energy efficiency is chief among them.

Each month, Kentucky Living shares the electric cooperative story, including helpful real-world tips on how to reduce energy use and improve your quality of life.

In this month’s annual Energy Guide, I hope you take a few minutes to learn from the experiences of your fellow co-op members who have saved money on their monthly electric bills by working with their local co-ops.

You still might be asking, “Why do co-ops want me to save money? What’s in it for them?”

The answers to those questions are found in the very nature of your electric cooperative. You are the co-op. Your co-op, by definition, is owned by its members. Co-ops are not-for-profit and committed to providing at-cost energy to their members. Locally controlled, they also share your values and give back to your community.

By helping consumers save money, while keeping rates competitive and as low as possible, Kentucky’s electric cooperatives aim to improve the quality of life and attract employers to the communities we serve.

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