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I Have A Small Lucky Bamboo Plant For Indoors. I…

Diandra Asked

I have a small lucky bamboo plant for indoors. I originally brought it from Lowe’s. I have noticed that some type of white mildew is growing inside the pot. Is that bad? I also want to replant it in a different pot because the pot cracked. Do I have to wait until a certain time of year to do that or can I do it now? Also, what are any special precautions I need to do while replanting it?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Diandra in Florida: Lucky bamboo is the common name for this popular houseplant. Technically this plant is a Dracaena sanderiana and not a bamboo at all; it just looks like one. These plants are low-maintenance and can tolerate low light. They are happy to grow in either soil or water. Have you noticed any white mildew on the plant itself? If not then you have nothing to worry about since you are going to repot in anyway. When transplanting your houseplant just make sure to use good quality potting soil made specifically for containers. Use a container that is less than 2 inches larger than what it currently is growing in and make sure you plant it at the same depth that it is now. You also have the option of growing this plant directly in water. The same conditions would apply in terms of the size of the container but make sure it does not have drainage holes. You will need to surround the base of the plant with rocks or pebbles for support and change out the water once a week. It is best to use distilled water since these plants are sensitive to elements found in regular tap water. Lucky bamboo does not have many insect issues but if you see white things on the actual plant it could be a couple of different insects such as mealybugs or scale. If the infestation is not severe you can simply take a damp cloth and wipe down the stalks. Do this before you transplant and be sure to change out the soil. You do not have to wait to repot your house plant, in fact it is better to do so now rather than waiting until the cooler months arrive.

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