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Can I Transplant Ornamental Grass This Time Of Year?

Sharon Asked

Can I transplant ornamental grass this time of year?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Sharon in Indiana: Ornamental grass is best transplanted in the spring just as the new blades begin to emerge. It will be much easier to move when you do not have to deal with the foliage at all. It can be quite overwhelming (depending on how large the grass is) and be sure to wear gloves and long sleeves; some of them have razor sharp blades. Ornamental grasses can be cut back in the fall or left up during the winter and cut back very early in the spring before new growth begins. Some varieties hold up better during the winter than others that tend to flop. For this reason, some gardeners purposely leave them up all winter long while others cut them back. If you need to move your grass before next spring you can cut back the foliage and transplant it this fall. This is also a good time to divide the root ball if needed. Grasses are low-maintenance but grow quickly and benefit from being divided every few years. When you cut your grass back, it helps to tie a string around it and then take a pair of loppers or pruners and cut the grass back to just a couple of inches. This allows for an easy cleanup. When you transplant remember to water your grass like it is a new addition to the garden.

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