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I Have Applied Preen For Gardens On The Rocks And…

Sheri Asked

I have applied Preen for gardens on the rocks and dirt in my back yard. I have three dogs that usually have the run of the area. I’m worried about them ingesting the granules, even though the container says pets may re-enter after watering in. Do you know if it is safe?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Sheri: Preen does have organic products, but I assume the one you have applied is not since the label warns against pets in the area before the granules are watered in. I spoke with the company just to verify their recommendations and I was told to make sure to water thoroughly so that the granules are not on the surface for your dogs to walk on or possibly ingest. They said to wait at least one hour before letting the dogs in the area. I am not sure why you are using this product on your rocks, but you want to make sure that the granules are not just lying on the surface of your rocks but are watered into the soil instead. As with any chemical used in the garden, it can put our four-legged friends in danger of an allergic reaction or worse. In the future, you might consider using an organic product that is safe for your pets immediately after it is applied. For now just make sure that you cannot see any of the granules on the surface and discourage your dogs from digging.

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