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My Flowers Aren’t Doing Well, My Neighbors Say That This…

Doreen Asked

My flowers aren’t doing well, my neighbors say that this soil isn’t good. What is the best fertilizer to use? I also have day lilies.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Doreen: Choosing the right plants for the right space is the key to having a successful garden. Making sure that we plant sun-loving plants where they will receive enough sunlight and shade-loving plants where they will not receive direct sunlight is important. Purchasing healthy plants from a reputable source is always a good idea. Of course the soil is an important factor as well. Have you ever had your soil tested? If not, you can contact your County Cooperative Extension Service. For a small fee you can have your soil analyzed and the results will give you recommendations in terms of amendments that you could add to improve the condition of your soil and make available nutrients accessible to your plants. It is difficult to give fertilizer recommendations not knowing what you are growing, but in general a well-balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10 will be sufficient. Always follow application recommendations when you apply fertilizer because too much fertilizer can burn your plants and be worse than no fertilizer at all. If these are newly planted additions to the garden, you do not need to feed them for the first year. It is better to let them become established in the environment that exists naturally. If you are growing annuals go ahead and fertilize them. The Atlantic County Extension office is located at 6260 Old Harding Highway in Mays Landing. The phone number is (609) 625-0056.

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