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Please Send Me The Names Of Some Good Nonedible Companion…

David Asked

Please send me the names of some good nonedible companion plants for lillies.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, David in Kentucky: I will assume that you are referring to Asiatic or Oriental lilies (Lilium), which are true lilies, and not daylilies (Hemerocallis) that are often referred to as lilies. Although both are tolerable of the same growing conditions the true lilies thrive when the plant is in the full sun but the bulb benefits from growing in cooler soil during the heat of the summer. So, under-planting will help in terms of soil temperature and plant diversity. Some ground cover options for plants growing in full to part sun include: hardy geraniums, dianthus, lamb’s ear (Lamium), campanula, and creeping thyme. It would also be nice to include some taller growing perennials or shrubs in the same bed. This will help hide the not-so-pretty foliage after the blooms have faded and add other textures and colors to your garden. Maybe something that has summer, fall, or even winter interest would be good. Some options to think about would be: amsonia, Russian sage (Pervoskia), asters, red twig dogwood, perennial hibiscus, false sunflower (Heliopsis), or any of the sun-loving hydrangeas would be good companion plants. These are just a few thoughts but when the warmer weather returns take a trip to your local garden center to see what catches your eye. Remember that a well-planted garden has interest in all four seasons.

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