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Should I Remove The Pachysandra From My Back Yard And…

Marcy Asked

Should I remove the pachysandra from my back yard and replace it with assorted plants? I am having someone in to remove it, but not sure if it will be a good idea.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Marcy: I am not sure what the reason is for removing your pachysandra. It is a lovely shade-loving groundcover but if it is not healthy or not serving the purpose you intended for it, then you can certainly replace it with other shade-loving plant material. There are plenty of perennials and/or shrubs that will grow in the shade. If you are looking for the space to be more aesthetically pleasing with different textures as well as height, then it may be a good idea to remove some or all of the pachysandra. You can always use this in the front of the bed and then plant behind it. Another option would be to remove the groundcover only where you want to introduce new plantings and then use the pachysandra like a mulch. A well-designed shade garden can be very beautiful. Of course, it may not have as many blooms as a sun-loving garden, but combining plants with different foliage color and texture can be just as beautiful. If you do decide to remove the groundcover, you might check with your gardening friends to see if they could use some in their garden. If you would like more suggestions in terms of other shade-loving plant options, let me know. It would also be helpful to know the dimensions of the space as well as any height limitations.

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