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Can I Take Cuttings From My Mums In The Fall…

Cheryl Asked

Can I take cuttings from my mums in the fall after they have bloomed and root them with success?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Cheryl: Hardy chrysanthemums can be propagated by cuttings. This should ideally be done in the spring or early summer as they put on new growth; this allows enough time for the roots to develop and establish before colder temperatures arrive. Take a 2-3 inch cutting off of new growth from an established plant in your garden and remove all foliage except for the top few pair of leaves, dip the end of the cutting in a rooting hormone, and pot it up in a good quality potting medium such as Pro-Mix, then wait three to four weeks for roots to develop. The cuttings should be planted in a small container with plenty of drainage holes. The soil should be constantly moist but never soaking wet. Place your cuttings in bright indirect light until they become larger and you can bump them up into larger containers or plant them directly in the garden. Pinching back as the plant grows will encourage more branches and a fuller plant in the long run. For those of us gardening in Kentucky, I should mention that the mums sold in garden centers this time of year are not considered hardy for us. This may not be the case where you live but waiting until next year to propagate will give you a higher success rate.

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