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Jackson Energy Cooperative to “My Home” then “Rebate Programs”
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Touchstone Energy Home
$750 rebate for newly constructed home meeting Touchstone Energy standards; must meet efficiency standard that uses 30% less energy versus standard construction practices for our area; schedule a pre-construction meeting with our energy advisor.

Heat Pump Duct Sealing Program
$50 charge per HVAC unit (fee can be added to next bill statement); service usually reduces air leaks around duct work to 10% or less; heat pump and ducting should be a minimum of two years old, and home must be all-electric.

Button-Up Weatherization
Encourages members to add insulation and other products and materials (such as improved doors and windows, weatherstripping, and general air sealing) that result in electric energy savings. (Maximum rebates are listed and rebate amounts will vary depending on the energy savings.) Four levels of rebates offered based on amount of energy savings: 1) $520 maximum rebate, insulation only; 2) $750 maximum rebate, insulation and air sealing; 3) $1,060 maximum rebate, insulation, air sealing, and at least 26,500 BTU reduction; 4) $1,370 maximum rebate, insulation, air sealing, and at least 34,250 BTU reduction; home is required to be a least two years old and all-electric.

Heat Pump Retrofit
Rebates for replacement of resistance heat source (examples baseboard, electric furnace, ceiling cable, wall heaters, etc.) with high-efficiency heat pump; $500 rebate for 13 SEER; $750 rebate for 14 SEER; $1,000 incentive for 15 SEER or higher; existing heating system must be at least two years old; duct system, whenever possible, should also be sealed during the installation of new heat pump; energy advisor will inspect before issuing rebate. New mobile homes are eligible for this rebate when adding a heat pump to an electric furnace.

Appliance Rebates
A $50 rebate for recycling your old refrigerator or freezer, and rebates ranging from $50 to $300 for the purchase of new ENERGY STAR appliances.

ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Program
If you’re thinking of purchasing a new manufactured home, be sure to request the ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Program to your salesperson. You may be eligible for an ENERGY STAR-certified upgrade at no additional cost. In most cases, manufactured homes installed in our co-op service territory may be upgraded to ENERGY STAR standards through this energy-efficiency program. Right now, that’s an average savings of about $1,100 each year or about $90 a month on your electric bill.

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