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A true story of loss, grief and hope

The blossoming of a new year is always filled with hope and the promise of a fresh start. Undoubtedly, after 2020’s wallop, the entire world is clinging to the hope of a healthier and happier 2021. 

Morehead author and Fleming-Mason Energy Cooperative consumer-member Molly Huffman knows a thing or two about hope and faith. In her memoir, The Moon is Round, ($22, available through local booksellers) she lays bare a journey through loss and heartache that began with the death of her mother from cancer when Huffman was barely into her twenties, then continued through a devastating medical diagnosis and a failed relationship. Huffman’s transparency as she shares her thoughts and struggles through each of these valleys is raw and real, presenting a refreshing honesty in an era where everyone is always, “fine, thank you,” even when they are not. 

Growing up in a family of faith, Huffman recognized her need to rely on God in both happy and sad times. She knew what the Bible told her, and she was surrounded by a church family who supported her during even the darkest of days. Still, Huffman found herself doubting, wondering why God would keep allowing her to encounter so much hurt in her life, admitting that her faith felt like a wrestling match. Despite this, she refused to let go, knowing that there was a purpose for the pain, and banking on it. 

Paralleling each stage of her journey to the moon’s phases as it moves from darkness to fullness, Huffman’s wish, in so boldly opening her heart, is to encourage others who may be wrestling with questions, doubts and fears in their journey. To help, reflection questions are included to coincide with each section, or “moon phase” of the book. 

Huffman calls 2009 through 2016 her “years of pain,” but she now sees how those years shaped her and pruned her. “I look back at who I was before this suffering, and I like this new version of me so much better,” she says. Calling herself a “mess-cleaner and toddler-wrangler by day,” Huffman also speaks to groups about her story. Connect with her at www.

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