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Calling all Pokémon Go! players in Kentucky

Kentucky Living magazine is on the lookout for Pokémon Go! players to join the team, and help us find the best places to catch the craze in Kentucky.

Just released on both the Apple and Android app stores on July 5, Pokémon Go! brings players into a game that connects the real world around them with the virtual world of Pokémon, a very popular handheld game originally from the ’90s.

view of the map in Pokemon Go!
view of the map in Pokemon Go!

The game operates by linking to your smartphone’s GPS. As the user walks, the character moves along with them. In order to be successful in the game, players travel to real-world landmarks and locations. These landmarks are shown on the game as Pokéstops where users are provided with items useful in the capture of Pokémon.

The Pokémon animated figures show up and disappear as players walk to different locations. The app utilizes the smartphone camera, allowing players to see the Pokémon as if they were in the real world. A simple flick of a finger on the smartphone screen allows users to “capture” the Pokémon.

"Sorry I missed the story deadline, there was a Pinsir tearing my notes up!"
“Sorry I missed the deadline, there was a Pinsir tearing my notes up!” Photo: Paula Sparrow

Unlike conventional video games which keep players seated for long periods at a time, Pokémon Go! requires players to explore new locations. In the process, players can search and learn about landmarks otherwise easily overlooked.

“It’s a neat concept,” says Tyler, a student at Sullivan College who Kentucky Living found playing Pokémon Go! at a local coffee shop near Louisville. “It gets you to go to places you wouldn’t normally go. We have found art around town that we never knew existed.”

Using the Pokémon Go! App, Kentucky Living wants to hear from Pokémon Go! players across the commonwealth. Submit your photos and stories of your Pokémon adventures around Kentucky. From Pokémon showing up at famous landmarks, to the “gym battles” within the game, Kentucky Living wants to hear it.

Kentucky Living will be posting some of these stories on our social media pages, in addition to our website: You can keep us informed on your current Pokémon quest by either posting to our Facebook page or by emailing:


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