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Dorm Room Design

The right tools to deck your walls

Many residence hall rooms have cinder block walls, or restrictions on hammering into drywall. So show up on move-in day with the right tools for hanging. The 3M company has a line of neat Command strips and hangers that work well on cinder block and other wall surfaces, without damaging them (

Also, Mavalus Tape (available at and other retailers) promises to stick where other adhesives fail. 

For rooms where a hammer and nail are allowed, use a hanging guide like the Hang & Level product by Under the Roof Decorating, to help mark exactly where holes are needed.

Dorm room design tips

Online sites are a great source of room design ideas when you’re planning your first—or next—residence hall room look. Pinterest can be a wonderful resource for dorm organization and decoration tips—many of them inexpensive and cute DIY projects. Here are just a few Web pages dedicated to dorm room design to get you started:

Chic and functional dorm rooms

Smart dorm decorating

Dorm room decorating ideas

Dorm room makeover

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