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‘Skinny Mom’ shares inspiration

Busy schedules today are much more the norm than in times past. Often it seems easier to find dinner in a drive-through than to cook at home. Nationally known as the creator of, Brooke Griffin is passionate about families reconnecting around the table to enjoy a healthy, balanced dinner, but she also understands the plight of the family cook who has limited time to plan, prepare, and serve a meal.

Book coverHer cookbook, Skinny Suppers (William Morrow Cookbooks, $29.99), is filled with simple recipes that are fast and easy to prepare, with ingredients usually on hand, and are healthy.

Griffin grew up in Corbin living next door to her grandparents. “I have such fond memories of Granny cooking Sunday suppers after church and my whole family squeezing together around the supper table. We would tell stories, we would laugh, and we would pray,” Griffin recalls. “Thinking about her homemade biscuits and gravy still makes my mouth water,” she adds.

Griffin’s life changed completely from her humble beginnings when she became a cheerleader for both college and pro teams. She then earned the title of Fitness Universe Champion in 2009. Her world again changed dramatically in 2011 when she was faced with divorce, a newborn, and 70 pounds of baby weight to lose. To help her cope, she started her Skinny Mom website to reach out to others who, like herself, needed “the skinny on healthy living.” Today, the site sees more than 6 million visitors each month.

Because most visitors are seeking recipes, Griffin chose 125 of her favorites for the book, many inspired by her grandmother’s cooking, then “tweaked, cut, studied, cooked, and tasted them” to lighten them up. The book also guides readers through meal planning and prep, grocery shopping, time management, and money-saving methods.

“This cookbook has a special place in my heart,” Griffin explains. “Not only do I get to share my favorite recipes…but I also get to share a little piece of my story, one of faith and promise…As I look back on my journey, I am just in awe of God’s faithfulness.”

Click here to watch Griffin tell her life story.

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