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American National University 

Lexington (859) 253-0621

  • Enrollment Under 800 total in KY
  • In-State Tuition $14,886
  • Room & Board N/A
  • Student/Faculty Ratio 9:1
  • Receiving Financial Aid 94%
  • Campuses in Danville, Florence, Lexington, Louisville, Pikeville, and Richmond
  • Featured Online Programs: Medical billing & coding diploma; Business Administration Baccalaureate (management or accounting); Medical & Health Services Management (MHSM) baccalaureate; Network Administration Baccalaureate; RN-BSN; Master of Science in Nursing; MBA with a health care, international business, accounting, hospitality, information technology, or organizational management specialization; MS in cybersecurity or information technology; and an Associate’s Degree in Health Information Management.
  • Graduate Programs: Master of Business Administration; MBA in Information Technology; Master of Science in Cybersecurity; Master of Science in Information Technology; Master of Science in Nursing.

ATA College
Louisville (502) 371-8330

  • Enrollment Under 500
  • In-State Tuition & Fees $15,500-32,000
  • Room & Board N/A
  • Student/Faculty Ratio 21:1
  • Receiving Financial Aid 85%
  • Featured Online Programs: None
  • Graduate Programs:  None


Beckfield College
Florence (859) 371-9393

  • Enrollment Under 1,000 each campus
  • In-State Tuition & Fees $355/credit hour
  • Room & Board N/A
  • Student/Faculty Ratio 10:1
  • Receiving Financial Aid 88%
  • Campuses in Florence and Tri-County Campus in Cincinnati, OH
  • Featured Online Programs: Business Administration, Medical Billing and Coding, RN to BSN
  • Graduate Programs:  None


Daymar College
Owensboro (270) 926-1188

  • Enrollment Under 450 (all KY campuses total)
  • In-State Tuition & Fees $15,000 per academic year (full-time status)
  • Room & Board N/A
  • Student/Faculty Ratio 7:1
  • Receiving Financial Aid 82%
  • Campuses in Bowling Green, Bellevue, online
  • Featured Online Programs: Accounting (Associate of Science), Billing & Coding Specialist (Associate of Science or Diploma), Business Management (Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science, or Diploma), Criminal Justice (Associate of Science), Criminal Justice Administration (Bachelor of Science), Health Care Administration–B&C, MA, PT (Bachelor of Science), Medical Assisting–Administrative (Associate of Science or Diploma), Nursing (RN to BSN) (Bachelor of Science), Pharmacy Technology (Associate of Science
  • Graduate Programs:  None

Galen College of Nursing
Louisville (502) 410-6200

  • Enrollment Under 1400
  • In-State Tuition & Fees PN $21,803; ADN $355/credit hour; BSN $460/credit hour
  • Room and Board N/A
  • Student/Faculty Ratio 13:1
  • Receiving Financial Aid 85%
  • Featured Online Programs: RN to BSN program
  • Graduate Programs: None

Spencerian College 
Louisville (800) 264-1799 (502) 447-1000

  • Enrollment Under 500 (under 100, Lexington)
  • In-State/Out-of-State Tuition $19,800
  • Room & Board $3,185 per quarter (double occupancy) ($1,980, Lexington)
  • Student/Faculty Ratio 9:1 (5:1, Lexington)
  • Receiving Financial Aid 90%
  • Featured Online Programs: BS Clinical Laboratory Science, BS Radiographic Science Administration
  • Graduate Programs:  None

Sullivan College of Technology and Design
Louisville (800) 844-6528

  • Enrollment Under 400
  • In-State Tuition & Fees $20,935 (tuition only)
  • Room & Board $10,485 per academic year
  • Student/Faculty Ratio 5:1
  • Receiving Financial Aid 85%
  • Featured Online Programs: General education courses
  • Graduate Programs:  None

Sullivan University
Louisville (502) 456-6505
Also in Lexington, Ft. Knox, Louisa, Ft. Mitchell

  • Enrollment Under: Louisville 1,900/Ft. Knox 150/Lexington 600
  • In-State Tuition & Fees Louisville, Lexington $18,960 Business rate; $23,520 National Center for Hospitality Studies; $395-490/credit hour /Ft. Knox $165/credit hour
  • Room & Board Louisville, Lexington: $6,435 for 9 months housing; Meal plan $1,160-1350 per quarter Louisville only
  • Student/Faculty Ratio Louisville 18:1
  • Receiving Financial Aid Louisville 80%/Ft. Knox 50%/Lexington 80%
  • Featured Online Programs: Sullivan Online offers Certificates, Diplomas, Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in a wide variety of areas, including Business, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Computer Forensics, Hospitality Management, Medical Coding (Cert.), Nursing (BS), Accounting, Human Resource Management, Culinary, Paralegal. See web site for campus-specific offerings.
  • Graduate Programs: Masters: MBA (with concentrations available in accounting, conflict management, healthcare management, hospitality management, and strategic human capital management), E-MBA, Management, Managing Information Technology, Human Resource Leadership, Conflict Management, Public Management, Cyber Security, and Physician Assistant. Ph.D in Management also available with concentrations in conflict management, information technology management, human resource leadership, and strategic management. Sullivan University’s College of Pharmacy offers the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree.


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