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Future of Electricity
Energy 101
Kentucky Living 2014 Energy Guide

Check out the Kentucky Living Energy Guide for tips on reducing your annual energy costs for heating and cooling, lighting, and water heating.

The price of power

The difficulty facing utilities when they set the price for electricity can be summed up in one question: is it fair to everybody? It's always been complicated to figure...

Electric meter innovations

Throughout the cooperative system, old-fashioned mechanical meters with spinning dials are being replaced with the latest digital technology. Why change? Although highly...

Cutting Costs
Gadgets & Gizmos
When it makes sense to heat your feet

With a forced-air furnace, the warmest air naturally collects upward near the ceiling, too far from where you're active in your home. In-floor heating reduces the extent...

Cancer awareness and working safely

Supporting cancer fighters HICKMAN "We want to shine light on those who are in the fight." That's the mantra the 10 linemen, two superintendents, and Manager Greg Grissom...

Health counts

Here it is January, and you've survived all that holiday eating. While some folks make extravagant resolutions (Run a marathon! Lose 30 pounds by Valentine's Day!), for...