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Check out what these energy professionals do to discover if an energy career is right for you.

How will we keep the lights on?

The last time my lights did not come on was when severe thunderstorms blasted through my county. Driving through pelting rain and flashing lightning was scary and I was...

Green co-ops

Wind, solar, biomass, landfill gas, geothermal, water flowing over dams—the options for generating electricity from renewable resources vary greatly in each region...

Cutting Costs
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Energy saving tips for old water heaters

To find out if your water heater is wasting energy, hold your hand against the tank's top and upper sides. If these areas feel warm, adding an insulation wrap kit will...

Saving owls and supporting students

Pole homes for owls PERRYVILLE "This was a great opportunity for environmental stewardship," says Josh Young, a biologist with East Kentucky Power Cooperative. The...

Card safeguards

Tens of millions of shoppers felt their stomachs lurch last fall when the news broke of the security breach involving credit and debit cards used at Target stores...