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Future of Electricity
Energy 101
Kentucky Living 2014 Energy Guide

Check out the Kentucky Living Energy Guide for tips on reducing your annual energy costs for heating and cooling, lighting, and water heating.

Line riders in the sky

Here's a mashup: take the precision of military drones, add the fun of radio-controlled miniature aircraft, then mix in the latest computer technology. And be sure to...

Perfect power

If you could see them, the tiny electrons flowing through power lines would look like recurring waves. For utilities, the term "power quality" means keeping those wave...

Cutting Costs
Gadgets & Gizmos
Taming the fireplace energy thief

As you've discovered, fireplaces can cause your home to lose more heat than they produce—and cost you extra money in two ways. First, although the radiant heat does...

A history of helping

Clothes for kids in Haiti GRAYSON Sometimes something as simple as a pillowcase can make a world of difference. Employees of Grayson Rural Electric Co-op are making...

Best bets for batteries

Does this ever happen at your house? A big storm swoops in, the power goes out, you fish around for the flashlight—and, once again, the batteries are dead. Yeah...