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My Easter Lilies Have Nice Folage But No Blooms For…

Doris Asked

My Easter lilies have nice folage but no blooms for several years now. Any thoughts?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Doris: Lilium longiflorum are commonly known as Easter lilies or white trumpet lilies. These herbaceous perennials are found in abundance this time of year. They are forced into bloom for the Easter season. In the garden they are mid-summer bloomers. There are many cultivars, some even blooming pink, yellow, or cream. ‘Nellie White’ is a cultivar that is sweetly scented and cottony white in color, typically grown in containers for Easter. In the garden, these perennials should be planted in a space where the soil is well-drained and the plant will receive full sun. If the lily does not get at least four to six hours of sun, it may not bloom. You might consider transplanting them to a sunnier location if you think this might be an issue. Have you fertilized at all? If not, you can go ahead and feed with either a water-soluble or a slow-release fertilizer. An all-purpose fertilizer is fine or a ratio of 5-10-5 will also be beneficial. Make sure to apply recommended amounts since over-fertilizing can cause our plants not to bloom. It sounds like your plants are happy, they just need to be encouraged to bloom.

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