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I Have Numerous Yucca Plants On My Property And I…

Fredrick Asked

I have numerous yucca plants on my property and I need to know how I can thin them out.

The Gardener’s Answer

Yucca filamentosa is typically what we see growing in Kentucky. These evergreens add a tropical feel to the garden and the sword-like, sometimes variegated, foliage adds interesting texture. Yucca are low-maintenance in terms of food and water. They have a clumping growth habit that over time will require thinning. From what you have described you have reached this point. Thinning out your plants involves removal of roots and foliage.

The challenge is removing the deep tap roots. Use a sharp spade to lift the plant and roots out of the ground; if any of the roots are left behind they might produce new plants that could require herbicide applications to eliminate. Depending on the amount of plants you are dealing with, it could take a couple of growing seasons to get them under control.

Be sure to protect your hands and arms when working with these plants. As you dig them up you will find many small individual plants within each clump. These can be replanted or discarded. Also, make sure you wear eye protection when working with yucca plants. You can easily get poked in the eye by the sharp, pointed blades, which can result in requiring medical attention

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