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I Have Pulled Up Some Extremely Hardy Pink Flowers From…

Joyce Asked

I have pulled up some extremely hardy pink flowers from a graveled area that contains several other plants and small trees. This spring I just noticed they multiplied and look like hundreds. How can I permanently get rid of them without harming my good plants?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Joyce: I am not certain of the pink blooming plant you are referring to, but the best way to remove them from your garden is to dig them out. This is time-consuming I realize, but digging out the roots will help prevent further spread. It is also a good idea to remove them before they flower and set seed. This will also help prevent future plants from popping up. Another option is spot spraying with a broad-spectrum herbicide product such as Round-Up. The active ingredient glyphosate should be sprayed on the foliage and then it will be absorbed by the rest of the plant, eventually killing it. This product should be used with caution since it will also kill any other plants it touches. Avoid using on a windy day and use a piece of cardboard to prevent the spray from reaching the plants you would like to keep in the garden. This option still requires you to dig out the plants, so this is why I would suggest just to dig them up in the first place. It will save you money and time. Digging these plants up is much easier when they are young and have not developed much of a root system. It will also be easier to get them out of the ground after a good soaking rain.

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