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We Have A Cottage On Lake Barkley (cadiz). What Grass…

Mac Asked

We have a cottage on Lake Barkley (Cadiz). What grass is a slow-growing, sun-tolerant choice?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Mac in Tennessee: I assume you are wondering about turf grass as opposed to ornamental grass. Let me know if I am wrong. Here in Kentucky, we are divided into three different regions: eastern, central, and western, which is where Trigg-Cadiz County is located. Different regions have different growing conditions and some grasses will do better than others depending location. Kentucky bluegrass does not do well in the western part of the state. Bermuda grass and zoysia grass have their place and are adapted to western Kentucky but both of these options are known for their creeping habit. Tall fescue can be grown in western Kentucky and is adaptable to most light conditions. All grasses have their pluses and minuses but thankfully there are many cultivars of fescue to choose from and a blend is not a bad idea. For a detailed list of all turf grass options for Kentucky gardeners you can visit This is a publication available from the Cooperative Extension Service in collaboration with land grant schools within our state. You can also contact the Trigg County horticulture/agriculture agent(s) for more information regarding the best options for you and where to purchase seed, sod, or plugs. You can visit their Web site at Or call them at (270) 522-3269.

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