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Regarding herbal medinice

Debra Asked

I am unfamiliar enough about Kentucky plants. That identification and my age has made it necessary to ask help in this new land we live in. Suppliers, folks that sell natural products. I am at South Central Kentucky and traveling has not been easy. I’d like a local source that’s knowledgeble in this. A local farm market. That sells herbs and apothacary. A new resident about a year. What can you help me with? I don’t use a computer and need a field guide. Like the difference in hog potatoes or the pea kind saw a lot of varieties, but nothing to really know the bad from good. Do you have a person here between Columbia and Edmonton area willing to take time out to call?  I’d appreciate help in my relocation and learning the land and nature better. I am disabled, but willing to learn. I dry seeds to plant. Try to use organic methods. There are good plants and invasive toxic ones. Need to know the difference. Making a better life in Kentucky this year has been a challenge. But, blessings can be that heartbeat Kentucky needs. I love to do research and knowlege to make my life and others better. Used to work with cooperative extension cottage businesses. In Michigan. In 1980. So I’m all for advancing the knowledge. Please help … Debbie Allen.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Debbie: Welcome to Kentucky! I imagine it has been a challenge to relocate in the year of 2020. I hope that you are getting settled and enjoying your new land. Kentucky certainly has a lot to offer nature lovers. As you know from your time with Cooperative Extension, they provide a wealth of knowledge in a variety of subjects. The horticulture/agriculture agent(s) in Taylor County will be the best local resource for you. You can visit the website at: If you would rather call, the phone number is (270) 465-4511. The Horticulture Agent is Kara Back and her email is The offices are only open for appointments during this time but the staff can be reached by phone or email. She can give you more local advice in terms of farmers markets and local suppliers. You might really enjoy the master gardeners class offered through the extension service as well. I hope this sets you in the right direction.

Angie Oakley

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