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What are the best apple trees to plant in Kentucky?

Douglas Asked

What’s are the best variety of apple trees to plant in Kentucky?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Douglas: Kentucky has a long history of growing apples. Today, we have a lot more varieties to choose from. Disease resistance is the first thing to consider when choosing a variety. Jonafree, Enterprise and Liberty are all suitable for Kentucky home gardeners. For a complete list of varieties and more detailed information on growing apples at home visit:

Planting location is just as important as choosing the right tree. Apples should be grown in a site that will allow for optimal sunlight and air circulation. A minimum of six hours a day of sunlight is ideal. The soil should be nutrient-rich and drain adequately without holding water after a heavy rain. If you have not had your soil tested recently you can contact your County Cooperative Extension Service. It is a minimal fee but well worth knowing if you need to adjust the nutrient and/or pH levels before planting. The Trigg County office phone number is (270) 522-9192.

For pollination purposes it is necessary to have more than one apple tree that flowers at the same time. Garden centers/nurseries will soon be full of fruit trees. Be sure to purchase trees without crossing braches and a good framework.

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