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Stories Of The Unexplained

Jennifer Kirkland of SHOCK (Spirit Hunters of Central Kentucky) describes an eerie paranormal tour of the Dye House at the Perryville Battlefield. She was sitting with a small group downstairs on the front stoop of the house at the time. Four others, all men, were in the upstairs part of the house. They had what they call a “spirit box” on, which is a radio that scans radio frequencies at a high rate. This is something they use to allow spirits to communicate more easily. The radio kept scanning, then suddenly it stopped.

“We heard a woman singing,” she recalls. “I thought, what are they doing up there, that sounds like a woman.”

She couldn’t make out any words, but it was a musical tune and the voice sounded female.

“We thought it was one of them (the men). So, when they came downstairs, I was giving them a hard time.”

She told them they sounded just like a bunch of women up there and wondered what they were doing. It turns out, it wasn’t them.

They asked, “Could you hear that, too?”

There was someone else in the room. 

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