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Kentucky Afield Radio Returns

All the other outdoor writers may show up at my door with torches and pitchforks after reading the next sentence. I have to confess I’m not a big believer in those convoluted tables that claim to tell you the best times and dates to hunt and fish.

You’re not going to catch a whole lot of creek bass when the water looks like boiling chocolate pudding because of heavy rains. I’ve also found that fish don’t bite well after a major cold front rolls through the area. Yet some fishing and hunting tables might tell you that it’s the best time to go.

Maybe these tables will work if weather conditions are stable, but I’d rather have up-to-date information instead. That’s why the return of Kentucky Afield to the radio airwaves is such a good thing.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources first began airing a radio show in 1947. In fact, if you visit the department’s Web site at, click on “Kentucky Afield” then “Radio,” you can actually hear the first broadcast.

Kentucky Afield Radio has been off the air for three years, but now it’s returning to several radio stations around the state linked by the Kentucky News Network. Every Sunday from 6-8 p.m. (Eastern Time), Kentucky Afield television host Tim Farmer steps away from the camera and settles behind the microphone with guests who are experts in their fields.

The idea of revising the radio show came about because of the sheer number of people calling with questions during the special Kentucky Afield television call-in shows.

“The first time we did a call-in for the television show, we had hundreds of callers,” Farmer notes. “Even with 15 people answering phones, we’d get a call just as soon as we put the phone down. People obviously find fish and wildlife issues important and want to talk about them.”

Radio listeners will also have the chance to call in their questions.

“The great thing about Kentucky Afield Radio is that our guests will include people who work for the department—they’re the authorities,” says Scott Moore, branch manager for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s broadcast unit. “Who better to tell you about muskies than the guy who put them in the lake?”


Listen to Kentucky Afield Radio on WKYW-AM 1490 in Frankfort, WKCM-AM 1160 in Hawesville, WBGN-AM 1340 in Bowling Green, WNBS-AM 1340 in Murray, WLYE-FM 94.1 in Glasgow, and WLXO-FM 96.1-FM in Lexington. More stations could be added depending on listener demand.

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