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Healthier lifestyles and national energy-efficiency leader

National leadership

Blue Grass Energy Cooperative’s Roy Honican has been named 2016 president of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) board of directors. RESNET is a national standards-making body for building energy-efficiency ratings and certifications in the United States.

Honican, residential services coordinator at Blue Grass Energy, says, “My mission in life is to help people and my passion is energy efficiency. With this honor, I can do both.”

Fit for life

“I can’t say enough about our fitness program,” says Brian, who works in construction for Owen Electric Cooperative. “I’ve lost 67 pounds. My blood pressure went from 132/89 to 117/75. Cholesterol is in the good range. I have a ton more energy. I’ve changed my lifestyle, and it’s changed my life.”

Travis Hunter, IT system specialist, completes an incline overhead triceps extension. Photo: Whitney Prather Duvall

Brian is talking about Owen Electric’s employee wellness program. The cooperative hired a personal trainer for three months. He taught the employees how to exercise effectively, and soon they were working out in small groups and making big changes. The employees liked the approach so much they elected to take bi-weekly payroll deductions in order to hire the trainer and keep going.

Dorothy, records coordinator at Owen Electric, says, “I have improved my health enough to come off several medicines. The money I am saving myself and the cooperative far outweighs the cost of an on-site trainer. The healthier I become, the more I can give back to my family, community, and work.”

Owen Electric President and CEO Mark Stallons says, “We’ve also incorporated the trainer’s expertise into our line crews’ morning routine. Strains and sprains are some of the most prevalent injuries we see. With more employees engaged in strength building, education about fitness, diet, and proper stretching techniques, we expect to see far fewer injuries of that nature.”

Debra Gibson Isaacs from July 2016 Issue

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