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How Can I Take Care Of An Outdoor Lamb’s Ear…

Glenda Asked

How can I take care of an outdoor lamb’s ear plant?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Glenda: The most common lamb’s ears (Stachys byzantina) are silvery-blue in color and the foliage is very soft, almost velvety, to the touch. Most of the Stachys are low-growing, spreading perennials. They are wonderful groundcovers and when combined with other plantings add a different color and texture to the garden. Lamb’s ears can be finicky when it comes to planting site and drainage. They require full to part sun and excellent drainage. With the clay soil that we as Kentucky gardeners are dealing with, drainage can be an issue. If the soil is compacted, amending it with an expanded slate material such as Permatill will help to break up the clay and improve drainage. Rot can be a problem during our hot, humid summer months. Excessive rainfall can also make these plants look ratty but just cut back any withered foliage. These herbaceous perennials do not require much in terms of fertilization. They are drought-resistant once established and produce lavender spikes in the late spring to the summer months.

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