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Marvelous mom

May brings flowers, and you should give them to your mother. She deserves them—and at least one of these mama-perfect gifts.


Pack up and away

Ever tried to snag a charging spot at the airport? It’s not an issue with an Away Carry-On, the suitcase with the built-in charger. Simply pop out the battery from the handle as you board, or when checking the bag, and use it as a charger on board. Tough traveler? No problem—this bag is unbreakable and guaranteed for life. And it comes in an array of fun colors. $225, (888) 428-2118,

Pocket sprocket

Mom takes a lot of great photos. But somehow, they never get printed. Give her the gift of memories with an HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Smartphone Printer and Instant Camera. The Sprocket connects via Bluetooth and is about the size of a smartphone, so it tucks right into a pocket or purse. $160, (877) 203-5578,

The search is over

It’s one of those days. You need a pen, but finding a needle in a haystack might be easier. The Handbag Illuminator with Charging Power steps in to save the day. It lights the inside of a bag, so you can find what you need, and it charges your phone, too. Mom will love you for this one. $36, (888) 365-0056,


Household helper

Every mother can use a little help. Introduce yours to Google Home Mini, her new best friend. This little round disc can tell her the weather forecast, answer questions, deliver the news, remind her of appointments and turn off the lights. You may be replaced. $49,


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