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Rocks of art

Anita Riggs loves to put a smile on others’ faces—that is why she has painted and hidden hundreds of rocks in her community.

“I love painting,” says Riggs, an art teacher and Nolin RECC member. “And to help make somebody’s day brighter—that’s the sprinkles on the cupcake.”

Riggs is founder of LaRue County Rocks, a Facebook group that exists to spread joy in the form of rocks adorned with animals, inspirational messages, or landscapes. With nearly 6,000 members, the group encourages others to pick up a paint brush, paint arock, and hide it for someone else to find. When people find the rocks, they are encouraged to post pictures of them to the Facebook page, then either keep the rock or hide it again. (For more about outdoor fun, visit our Explore section).

LaRue County Rocks is one of dozens of groups across Kentucky that have popped up as part of a national craze that has taken off in the last year.

“It’s fairly inexpensive,” Riggs says. “Families can do it together, and it gets them out of the house away from the TV and video games.”






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