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Suspenseful tale of sisters

Often when one thinks of decades-ago past, a time of innocence is the picture that comes to mind, a time of carefree days with no pressures, especially for those growing up in a small, rural town. Louisville author Kim Michele Richardson paints a different scene, however, in The Sisters of Glass Ferry, (Kensington Publishing, $15), a haunting and suspenseful tale of innocence lost shifting between 1952 and 1972.

Glass Ferry is the kind of town where a person’s family name matters, even sets the course for their future. It’s a place where neighbors know everything about one another, and where the truth is often only as accurate as the gossip chain allows.

Fifteen-year-old twin sisters Flannery and Patsy Butler, daughters of a Glass Ferry moonshiner, couldn’t be more different. While Flannery learns to carry on her father’s craft (and how to keep the sheriff looking the other way), Patsy is planning for the prom and a life away from the town that holds her captive.

When the sheriff’s son and his inebriated brother arrive to escort Patsy to the prom, Flannery fears trouble ahead, but her jealousy stops her in her tracks. Little does she know, though, just how much that moment will torment her the rest of her life.

Twenty years later, as answers surface and mysteries are solved, Flannery learns the town hasn’t changed much since her departure. Tongues still wag and social class still exists. And to top it off, the inebriated sheriff’s son of 20 years prior is now the town sheriff. Given the opportunity to redeem Patsy’s name, Flannery will learn the true depth of their sisterly bond.

“I impart my novels with my fierce love for the land, showcase its intriguing people, history and forgotten song of the region, exploring historical social injustices and the unusual and cherished traditions, myths and legends of Kentucky,” Richardson says.

Her newest book, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, goes on sale May 7. In addition to writing, Richardson also serves as an advocate for the prevention of child abuse and domestic violence.

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